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Most Common FAQ


What is Traxc.com?


Traxc.com is an umbrella company which buys, sells, leases, brokers, finances, manages and holds a variety of assets including domain names, intellectual property, real estate, licenses, web companies and manages all entities internally. Our team acts as an oversight in daily operations for our entire portfolio of sub companies and manages interactions ensuring a faster and smoother approach to customer satisfaction.


What TLD extensions do you support?

We support most domain extensions including but not limited to .com, .net, .org, info .im, .tv, .ws and much more.


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Domain Names Are Being Auctioned - Droid.im NSIB.net B4BG.info PTOP.info IVDE.info EZOR.net - All Inbound Offers Will Be Considered - Inquire Now Before They're Gone!!!


We are now processing all requests through our ticketing system. If you have a question, request or feedback you may Submit a ticket and a representative will contact you.

For all general communication you may email us at admin@traxc.com or @ Skype


Now accepting advertising proposals

Important Updates

v  You will notice some domains will have an A to the left of them, click on it and it will bring you automatically to the auction listing.

v  Note that any domain below without a price is up for negotiation via email, just submit an offer price and a representative will respond with an acceptance, decline or counter offer

v  Do you want to see a larger domain list? Click the link above the domain listings for an up to date spreadsheet. Note that you will be downloading an Excel file containing the most up to date domain name holdings

v  Are you doing business with one of our partners? Email us the bill and receive additional discounts

v  Want a domain name? We have access to over 500,000 domain names, we are sure we can find the right one for you

v  Domain resellers may inquire about wholesale prices.

v  Always check in for updated information, our scroll above will inform you of the latest events at Traxc

Terms and Agreements

v  Traxc.com uses Escrow.com and Paypal.com to process orders. If Escrow.com is used in a transaction, it is the buyer who will be responsible for all associated fees. No fees will be divided at any time.

Special Services

v  Traxc.com offers a brokering service to help sell your domain name or website. We will act as a third party to negotiate the best deal for your asset(s). This will free up your time by allowing us to take care of the sales process on your behalf. Contact us to learn more.

v  Advertising & Marketing PPC SEO SEM SMO

v  Google & Apple application development & marketing

v  Our free proxy service is coming soon

Price Legend

v  A = Active Auction (click the link)

v  B = Accepting Buy Offers

v  S = Sold

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